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Interact have been working as Internet developers since 1996. We combine the best talent's available in design, content development and technical expertise to make websites that work, both for the client and for your visitors. On this site you can find about about us, look at some of our work and come back to us with any feedback or questions you may have. We hope to hear from you soon.

who we are

Gerard Carthy

Gerard came to the Internet business from a publishing and advertising background. He has at different times worked on such well known publications as Magill and IT magazines, in addition to being a successful publisher in this own right. This gives Interact a unique perspective on the compilation and importance of content.

"People won't visit your site to admire your graphics, read your press releases or waste their valuable time in any other way. They will visit it if it looks professional, works properly and does something for them, whether that's telling them something they want to know, or letting them buy something they want to buy. It's ultimately about self interest - what does this site do for me."

Colman Reilly

Colman is the Technical Director and is hugely useful to have around, as he can pretty much do anything anyone has ever asked us for. He has a research background in mathematics and software engineering and this combined with 10 years hands on experience through Interact, put's us in a unique position when it comes to high level technical consultation.

Mog Fry

Mog is the Creative Graphic and Web Designer for Interact Publications. She has been working on Interact web projects for the past 5 years. 

Mog also runs a freelance creative business in the bustling city of Bristol UK. With a BA honours in Creative Arts, You'll find her working in the diverse visual universe of web, illustration, graphic design and print making. When she's not absorbed in the visual dimension you will find her immersed in musical projects.

what we do

Interact Publications Ltd is a full-service Internet service partner providing services ranging from e-commerce based and content managed websites to integration into existing back-end systems and security consulting. Our aim is to provide our clients with the services that they need at a fair price and to assist you in developing the Internet related aspects of your business in an appropriate fashion.







contact us







Interact Publications

Mountainview House,

Dundrum Road,

Dublin 14.

T. +353 1 296 3141.

M. +353 85 141 9051.